Excel macro to save pptx in pdf format; error with code

I know this question has probably been asked x1000 times, but I've tried the last 3 hours for hidden pptx to pdf via excel vba (this is required for my report generator and in order to keep a clean tidy layout declaration I decided to use PowerPoint. because the word constantly messed things up).

Here is the code I'm using:

Dim ppt As Object
On Error Resume Next

Set ppt = GetObject(, "PowerPoint.Application")
If ppt Is Nothing Then
Set ppt = CreateObject("PowerPoint.Application")
End If
On Error GoTo 0

Set WDReport = ppt.Presentations.Open("C:\Users\User1\Documents\Folder\Final Report Template.pptx")


Dim FileName2 As String
FileName2 = "C:\Users\User1\Documents\Folder\Complete Report\" & Sheet14.Range("Q3").Text & " No " & Sheet14.Range("U21") & " Report" & Sheet17.Range("E10").Text & ".pdf"

WDReport.ExportAsFixedFormat FileName2, ppFixedFormatTypePDF, ppFixedFormatIntentScreen


Set ppt = Nothing
Set WDReport = Nothing 


But I keep getting the error "13 Type mismatch" on the line WDReport.ExportAsFixedFormat FileName2, ppFixedFormatTypePDF, ppFixedFormatIntentScreen

. I tried to replace WDReport with ActivePresentation, but I also got the error "429 ActiveX Component Cant Create Object".

Everything I have included all required libraries (Microsoft PowerPoint Object Library 15.0, same as in MS Word) but doesn't work yet.


To refine the FileName2 string, Ranges are used to retrieve the following variable data:

Range("Q3") is Name (e.g. Test Company)
Range("U21") is Number (e.g. 1234567891011)
Range("E10") is Date (e.g. Feb-15)


Thus, the final file name will be "Test Company No. 1234567891011 Report Feb-15.pdf" . Once again, it worked great when I converted .docx to pdf

I would really appreciate if anyone can help me with this issue.


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I was able to reproduce your mistakes. The following solution worked for me. Make sure you include a link to the Microsoft Powerpoint Object Library.

WDReport.SaveAs FileName2, ppSaveAsPDF




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