P interfaces: printer loses all custom css

I have a dialog with some text in rows and columns, im using css to remove pane / row borders in the dialog. however, when I use the target as my dialog, it offsets everything in the dialog, but with all the borders shown, and none of my custom css.

Is there a way to tell the printer to use custom css, or to stop it from returning to default?


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I still can't figure out why the printer is ignoring CSS, but I found it to work.

By adding border: none; to every row and column in my dialog, it works

<p:row styleClass=".ui-panelgrid" border= "0" style="border: none;">
                <p:column colspan="3" border= "0" style="border: none;">


hope this is helpful for someone in the future, but if anyone wants to explain why ignoring custom CSS in the first place I'd like to know. thank



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