SublimeText 3 Sublimelinter Pep257 only ignore D102 on __init__ methods?

OK, so I'm finally annoyed to ask this question. I am using Sublime Text 3 as my editor and I am using the Sublimelinter plugin with Pep8

and Pep257

with my python files. When constructing the class, my interpretation is acceptable for documenting the method __init__

for the class in the main docstring. (that's right, right?) As such, is it possible for the sublimelinter to ignore the error D102: Missing docstring in public method

for methods only __init__

? I know I can make the warnings passive, my OCD just doesn't like to see the warning icon in the gutter and I end up putting the dummy """See main dosctring."""

docstring just to get rid of it.


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