The regex matches the following space and numbers

I've searched around a bit, but I haven't found a solution for my problem yet.

I am trying to create a regex that will allow me to match the following examples:

YOUU 410831 0
MEIU 810851 0


I got to \b(YOUU|MEIU)\w*\b


But then I cannot add a space, then a number, then a space, and finally a digit. How could I achieve this?


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Are you looking for something like



Watch the demo

Or if there are 2 sets of number groups after the word, and the 1st number is 6 digits, and the last digit is always 1:



Demo 2

The option i

will also match words with lowercase letters.



Are you looking for this regex?



if the numbers in the middle are always 6 numbers, you can fix that with





Try using this:

\b(YOUU|MEIU) \d+ \d\b





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