How to import web services into Jmeter

I am trying to import web services that are in WSDL into Jmeter using SOAP / XML-RPC request. But I haven't seen anything with the Import or LoadWSDL option. I saw this video which has a webservice (SOAP) request which I don't see in its Jmeter version. The reason I am asking is because in every SOAP / XML-RPC Data, I have to open SOAPUI to receive an empty request and then insert it into the Jmter. We have hundreds of web services to test and this method gets a very time consuming process. Is there a way in Jmeter to create empty requests like SOAP UI if I give a wsdl url and generate all possible requests for us. Thank you in advance.


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There is no such import function in JMeter.

But the way to do it is to proxy JMeter to the SOAP interface using HTTP Test Script Recorder , then you would avoid Copy / Paste.

Read also this for an up-to-date way to test web services:



As per the latest version of jmeter help the WebService Request Sampler (SOAP) DEPRECATED. This sampler has a WSDL download. Try an older version of jmeter ..



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