Yii2 How to pass a model instance to the main layout?

I have a bootstrap boot mod that will fire when the user clicks on the Change password navBar menu.

I have included the modal in the footer. But how to pass ChangePassword model instance

to the footer layout file?

Can it be beforeRender Or EVENT_BEFORE_RENDER

used? If so, how?

As suggested, I added generic code to / config / bootstrap.php:

yii\base\Event::on(yii\base\View::className(), yii\base\View::EVENT_BEFORE_RENDER, function() {
    $modelChangePassword = new frontend\models\ChangePassword;
    $this->view->params['modelChangePassword'] = $modelChangePassword;


But this gives an error Using $this when not in object context



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You can pass it through View params :

Add this to your controller before the render view:

$this->view->params['model'] = $model;


$this->render(...); // this will render your view including main layout


Then use like this:

$model = $this->params['model'];



If you want to globally for all application controllers, you can use events:

use Yii;
use yii\base\Event;
use yii\web\View;


Event::on(View::className(), View::EVENT_BEFORE_RENDER, function() {

    Yii::$app->view->params['model'] = $model;


Place this code in the bootstrap of your application or, for example, in a generic parent controller.

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