NodeJs Gulp - Validate Before Running Task

I have a very heavy gulp task that I want to ask the user if they really want to run the task.

I've already seen gulp-confirm and gulp-prompt, but it doesn't help me:
I don't want to send "confirmation", I just don't want to run a heavy task before confirming the user.

I am trying to achieve something like this:

gulp.task('confirm', [], function ()
            //Ask the confirm question here and cancel all task if the user abort
                message: 'This task will create a new tag version\n. Are you sure you want to continue?',
                default: true

    gulp.task('Build Release QA', ['confirm'], function ()//use this task to make release to QA
        //very heavy task, don't start it if user abort it from 'confirm' task



Any ideas?


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No need for a Gulp plugin, in fact the package of these two wrappers - inquirer

- does everything you need:

var inquirer = require('inquirer');

gulp.task('default', function(done) {
        type: 'confirm',
        message: 'Do you really want to start?',
        default: true,
        name: 'start'
    }], function(answers) {
        if(answers.start) {


It is important that you pass the callback done

and call it when you are in the callback function inquirer

, so your task does not finish prematurely.

This is one of the best things about Gulp: you may not need these plugins; -)



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