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Basically my application needs to send data to the database on a daily basis. But there is no need to update for any recorded data.

Hence a csv or json file is added sufficient for this purpose. Or would it be more computationally efficient to write in standard SQL?

Edit Update to use I expect to keep one record each day for each specific activity account. There are about 6-8 types of activities.

It's just like a magazine in a way. For example, I would like to do some activity trend analysis. However, there is no relationship between different actions.

If, say, in some cases an update might be required, would that imply that a proper database would be more appropriate than a text file?


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It depends on the nature of the data, but there might be a different database style other than SQL that might be appropriate, like MongoDB, which essentially stores JSON objects. SQL is great when you need entities to have a relationship with each other, or if you can take advantage of the type of select queries it can provide you. Database systems have some overhead and might have some bugs that you don't expect, like loading a bunch of crap into memory so it's ready to be searched. But storing text files can have disadvantages as it can become difficult to manage your data in the future. It basically looks like your use case is like a log, in which case dumping it to a file is fine.



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