Getting friendly device names in python with windows

I want to get the name of a network interface using the device GUID.

I have an answer using "ipconfig /all"

with named parsing interface

but "ipconfig /all"

very complex ...

so i want to get how Getting friendly device names in python

but it only shows usb driver ..

I can find the GUID (actually I don't know), behind the code:

import netifaces as ni
print x


this is shown as ['{CDC97813-CC28-4260-BA1E-F0CE3081DEC7}']

I want to convert the name of a friendly device like "local connection"


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Instead ipconfig /all

, which is quite complex, consider these much simpler, as far as the output goes, commands:

>netsh interface show interface

Admin State    State          Type             Interface Name
Enabled        Connected      Dedicated        Wireless Network Connection
Enabled        Disconnected   Dedicated        Local Area Connection



>netsh interface ip show interfaces

Idx     Met         MTU          State                Name
---  ----------  ----------  ------------  ---------------------------
 13          25        1500  connected     Wireless Network Connection
 12           5        1500  disconnected  Local Area Connection


It should be almost trivial to parse the interface name



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