Owl Carousel stops spinning after next link

I have a carousel owl slides setup to display sponsor logos for a site. It currently has links to external pages for every image in the slider. When you click on the link (which opens in a new tab), the slider stops rotating. Is there a way for the slider to keep spinning after the user has followed the link and then back to the tab?


<div id="partners">
    <div style="text-align:center;">
        <p> <a href="https://google.com" target="_blank">
        <img src="http://placehold.it/300" /></a>
        Platinum Sponsor



$(document).ready(function() {
        items: 4,
        autoPlay: true,
        loop: true,
        stopOnHover : false


JSFiddle: https://jsfiddle.net/x1x10nz1/6/


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Not much technical answer, but more like a suggestion / answer:

I don't think this is a good user experience so as not to get in the way of the slider. User wants to click on an item, but hey! Bam! we slipped! yeah !.
So just use: stopOnHover : true

and it will work completely out of the box.
Press, go back and see your slider again ... self-timer.



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