How can I convert strings in a .txt file to dictionary elements?

Let's say I have a file "stuff.txt" which contains the following lines on separate lines: d: 5 d: 2 s: 7

I want to read each of these lines from a file and convert them to dictionary elements, with letters being keys and value numbers. So I would like to get y = {"q": 5, "r": 2, "s": 7}

I tried the following but it just prints an empty dictionary "{}"

y = {} 
infile = open("stuff.txt", "r") 
z = 
for line in z: 
    key, value = line.strip().split(':') 



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try this:

d = {}
with open('text.txt') as f:
    for line in f:
        key, value = line.strip().split(':')
        d[key] = int(value)


You add to d[key]

as if it were a list. What you want is to just set it up like above.

Also, using with

to open a file is good practice, as it automatically closes the file after executing the code in "with a block".



There are some possible improvements. The first is using a context manager to handle the files - this with open(...)

is - in case of an exception, this will handle all the necessary tasks for you.

Secondly, you have a small mistake in the dictionary assignment: values ​​are assigned using the = operator, for example dict [key] = value.

y = {} 
with open("stuff.txt", "r") as infile: 
    for line in infile: 
        key, value = line.strip().split(':') 
        y[key] = (value) 





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