Rotate the Apple Watch display programmatically

Is there a way to programmatically rotate the apple clock display 180 degrees? This allows the person wearing the Apple Watch to orient the Apple Watch display for readability by the person in front of the person wearing the watch.

I see it can be done with the phone's Apple App App => General => Watch Orientation. There, the user can specify which side the digital crown is on (and which rotates the screen exactly as I want). But I want to copy the button directly into the clock UI, which will do the same rotation trick right in my watch-app.

I've looked at properties and methods on WKInterfaceController or WKInterfaceGroup to no avail.


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While you cannot rotate the display, if you want to make the text easier to read for people on the other side of the device, you can try using inverted characters to make it easier.

This answer explains how it can be done: / ...

However, if you want more than text to rotate, you're out of luck. This is obviously not the most optimal solution, but is so close to what you are looking for in the current API. This solution won't look great; the text looks weird using these Unicode characters, but it's still something.



I sat in the clock lab for almost three hours and I talked to them about the Clock. In fact, there are so many restrictions. Whatever you can do, they'll point it out in the following documentation, which is relatively simple compared to the other SDKs they've released. So, I don't think you have control over manual orientation change. Have fun creating a viewer app.



Unfortunately, there is no way to programmatically rotate the Apple Watch display in the current version of WatchKit.

If you can restrict the script to showing an image, you can display your interface in the Watch extension and then send the rotated image to the Watch. However, there is also no way to determine the orientation of the Watch, so you will have to add manual controls.

At the end of the day, I don't think there is a realistic or convenient way to accomplish this with the current version of WatchKit.



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