What are the generic methods for deploying Windows 10 apps?

I'm trying to evaluate the Windows 10 Universal App framework for future development and try to understand how Windows 10 Universal Apps can be deployed to Windows 10 computers.

Can they only be deployed through the Windows Store, like the Windows 8 Metro apps? Or can they be deployed via MSI or a similar installer like a regular WinAPI application?


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Windows 10 Universal apps are deployed in essentially the same way as Windows 8 apps. Any of them can be deployed via store or downloaded via PowerShell or a device management tool like Intune.

See Deploying Enterprise Applications in the Windows Dev Center.

Windows 10 has (or will have) a different method than Windows 8.1 for sideloading. See Comments on the future approach in Turn on device for development , which deals with both bootstrapping and general loading by wallpaper from the update and security settings control panel.



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