Failed to connect to iOS syntax session

I used as my backend for my iOS app and the app can't connect to parsing when tested on the simulator, but it works fine when I test it on my phone. Has anyone encountered a similar issue, it would be great if someone could shed some light on this issue. Error message on console:

NSURLConnection / CFURLConnection HTTP download error (kCFStreamErrorDomainSSL, -9813) 2015-05-04 11: 50: 03.460 AppName [15499: 849074] [Error]: The certificate for this server is not valid. You may be connecting to a server that is pretending to be "", which could put your confidential information at risk. (Code: 100, Version: 1.7.1)

After that, it restarts after a few seconds.


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I faced the same problem then I just checked my device time. it is not valid for GMT. I installed it and checked again. Then this error went away.

Solved the same problem. Check device configuration and time.



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