Android action bar disappears after closing keyboard

This is what the situation looks like. enter image description here

And my layout file is like:

<RelativeLayout>  # Parent
  <RelativeLayout> # Camera preview
  <LinearLayout>   # Bottom bar


I understand that Android is adding / removing views by evaluating if they are in the viewport, but I still haven't been able to fix this.

Using android:windowSoftInputMode="adjustResize"

to ensure that the action bar is always visible is not feasible as it messes up the aspect ratio of the camera preview above.


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See Action Bar ActionBarSherlock disappears when focus changes from EditText to button

For those of you who can't switch to adjustResize

. I noticed that the action bar reappears after the screen is turned off and on again, so I solved it with this hack:

dialog.setOnDismissListener(dialog1 -> {
        handler.postDelayed(() -> {
        }, 600);


This code asks to redraw the entire hierarchy after about the time the keyboard has settled. The tested SDK version and latency may be lower, but I decided to play safely.



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