Permissions.Insert.setSendNotificationEmails (false) no longer working?

I am using the feature to prevent email notifications when transferring ownership of files using the Java Google Drive APIs. It worked well, but now a notification has appeared recently. Something has changed why the API is no longer working. Is there a way to block emails in some other way, or what to do here?

The code snippet looks like this: disable email notifications:

Insert insert = service.permissions().insert(fileId, newPerm);
newPerm = insert.execute();


I have tested with AppEngine 1.9.4 and 1.9.5, as well as several API versions 1.16, 1.17 as well as the latest 1.18-rc


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Refresh . This has been fixed.

Yes, this is a change in behavior from a recent change that does not depend on the API version. During this time, there is no workaround that will allow you to both transfer ownership and not send an email.

The SDK Drive team is aware of this and is currently investigating how to install the best solution. Unfortunately, we cannot give you the ETA yet.



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