AdMob shows test interstitials in app release

I've added AdMob interstitials to my iOS app and they work great on the simulator by showing test interstitials. However, after releasing my app on the App Store, I realized that interstitials were still showing test interstitials and not real-time / paid ads. Am I missing something here?


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It looks like you forgot to remove your Test ID from your AdMob request. Your request should look something like this:

// AdMob Interstitial Request
interstitial.adUnitID = myPublisherID; // Your publisher ID
GADRequest *request = [GADRequest request]; // Creates the request
request.testDevices = @[ @"myTestID"]; // Your test ID
[interstitial loadRequest:request]; // Loads the request


Uninstall or comment out request.testDevices = @[ @"myTestID"]

and submit the update for your app.



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