Best Local Storage Methods for Meteor / Cordova App

I am creating a Meteor / Cordova application that I need to keep data even between application restarts and the ability to run the application offline with collected data from previous uses, i.e. I need more than the minimum that one session (s) runs during the application. I looked into HTML5 repository but this is 5MB max. What other methods can I use to store data?


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I think you are looking for ground: db package it works great offline.

Concept (from docs)

Localstorage is simple and widely supported, but slow - that's why we only use it for database and method caching, trying to restrict read and write from it.

GroundDB stores outstanding methods and minimongo db in localstorage - Reset the amount of stored data to localstorage. Use Ground.resumeMethods methods

When the application loads the methods for restoring the GroundDB database and changing the database - when it is disabled and the browser is closed.



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