Find the nearest BoundingClientRect

I have an array of ClientRect objects which I got by doing

var trackedElements = $('[track]');
var trackedBounds = [];
_.each(trackedBounds, function(elem) {
    return $(elem)[0].getBoundingClientRect();


I also have another element limiting the client's address.

var currentElement = $('.active')[0].getBoundingClientRect();

My question is, how do I find in trackedBounds

, which is closest to the north of currentElement



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I think you can filter for rectangles that are not north of currentElement


trackedBounds = trackedBounds.filter(rect => rect.bottom >


and sort the remaining rectangles in the property .bottom


trackedBounds = trackedBounds.sort((rect1, rect2) => rect1.bottom - rect2.bottom)


The result is the first element of the array trackedBounds


let result = trackedBounds
    .filter(rect => rect.bottom >
    .sort((rect1, rect2) => rect1.bottom - rect2.bottom)




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