The package is invalid. Applications containing arm64 architecture must include armv7 architecture

We don't want to support 3.5-inch iPhone screens in our application. We also require iOS 8.0, so the iPhone 4S will remain the only 3.5-inch screen supported.

We want to exclude the iPhone 4S by removing the armv7 architecture from the list of valid architectures when creating the App Store binary. But it doesn't seem to be allowed to do so.

The bundle is invalid.  Apps that include an arm64 architecture are required to include an armv7 architecture

Am I doing something wrong or is this really not allowed?


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You can try several options:

-If you have a device connected, this device architecture is ACTIVE ARCHITECTURE, so you need to disconnect the device.

-Customize only "Build Active Architecture" for NO for targets and project.



This is most likely too late, but maybe helping someone else. For me, this error occurred when I disabled iPhone 5S while creating ad hoc for AppStore (or testflight). If I delete (and exit as an iOS device) - then - no errors.



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