Vlc.DotNet NextFrame

I am using VlcControl

from the library Vlc.DotNet

but cannot figure out how to use the function NextFrame

in the latest version.

This command is not available in class VlcControl

, only in class Core.Interops.VlcManager

, but I don't know how to call it from mine VlcControl



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You can go to the next frame by lengthening the time like this

 vlcControl1.Time += 1000/FPS;


previous frame:

 vlcControl1.Time -= 1000/FPS;



maybe from

ShellObject obj = ShellObject.FromParsingName(fileSource.getCurrentFile().FullName); FPS = obj.Properties.System.Video.FrameRate.Value != null ? (int)(obj.Properties.System.Video.FrameRate.Value / 1000) : 22;


  • ShellObject

    from NuGet


  • I assigned 22 because there is some file returning null in obj.Properties.System.Video.FrameRate.Value

  • fileSource.getCurrentFile()

    It is an object FileInfo

    containing a video file.

too late, but maybe it will help someone :)



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