Fotorama jQuery Gallery with Rails 4.2.0 (Turbolinks issue)

I have a Fotorama jQuery Slider ; however it doesn't work with Turbolinks (and I wouldn't disable Turbolinks).

How can I make this jQuery slider load when the page loaded on it is loaded via Turbolinks?

Q application.js

I have the following code to work with Turbolinks:

var ready;
ready = function() {
  // JavaScript to be triggered by Turbolinks/page:load event

$(document).on('page:load', ready);


Is it possible to add a function to this JavaScript section to load the Fotorama slider?

Any ideas / feedback is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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I have never used this slider Fotorama

, but looking at its docs I think you can do it

$(document).on('ready page:load',function(){




I recommend the jQuery-Turbolinks gem. I use it myself. Just add it to Gemfile, package update and you're good to go.



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