Launch Windows Store background job function from tile opening events

Is there a good way to trigger a Windows Store background task when a tile strip is opened? And are there any examples for working with a group from a background task with the latest SDK? I've seen mentions of being able to do this, but can't find any code examples of this.

I have a scenario where the content of a tile is only valid for a short time (~ 30 seconds) and would like to wake up a background service on the phone while the lane is open to update the content as needed.

I was hoping to find an IBackgroundTrigger in the SDK that would do the trick, but no luck. The best I can think of to fill this problem is a task that uses a system trigger and hooks up listeners to open / closed events. It looks like a lot of unnecessary work for this task, although it can lead to unnecessary battery usage on the phone.

Thank you, Tony


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I am afraid this is impossible. As far as I can see from the SDK, the app on the phone must be running to allow the slab in the group to send the event back to the phone.

An alternative would be to open the app from the group with a voice command. Will this help solve your problem?



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