How to call a website widget in ode

  • This is my file which contains the template 'website_fb.fb_shared_post'


  • Below code create website widget

    , so now if you call this widget

    then how to do it.
  • I am referring to the documentation Odoo

    but I don't understand anything for me, so please help me.

    var RenderTemplate = Widget.extend({
         template: 'website_fb.fb_shared_post',
         events: {
         // DO some code
        init: function (el) {
         // DO some code
        start: function () {
        // DO some code


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First, when you create the widget, it automatically renders above the XML file you specify in the first line, so below the line render another template xml of the template file

  $(Qweb.render("fb_shared_post", {'res':'Hello'})).prependTo('<TemplateDivID or Class>');




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