How javascript, jquery works in Symfony2

I am trying to understand how you are using jquery or other scripts in Symfony2. I read the asset documentation however it didn't help me much.

So I have a base.html.twig file to which I add the jquery library and my script file containing a simple script.

I add it like this:

{% block javascripts %}
    {# Le Javascript #}         
    {% javascripts 
        <script src="{{ asset_url }}"></script>       
    {% endjavascripts %}


Now I have index.html.twig in which I extend base.html.twig .... Is that all I need? For me the script is not working, I need to somehow get it in index.html.twig too?


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You messed up with the Asstic library and the Assets component. It is not the same. You must use the command:

php app/console assetic:dump


This command will compile your js file and place it in the correct location.



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