Checking key name in nested json

I need to check if a key name exists in a json file, but I cannot figure out how.

Json file:

  "value": [
      "from": 1430611201000,
      "to": 1430697600000,
      "ref": "2015-05-03",
      "value": "8.4",
      "quality": "Y"
  "updated": 1430726400000,
  "parameter": {
    "key": "2",
    "name": "Lufttemperatur",
    "summary": "medelvärde 1 dygn, 1 gång/dygn, kl 00",
    "unit": "degree celsius"


I think this is the closest to me, but it will always be false (even if I search for an existing key): content is a JObject.

var searchDate = content.Properties().Select(p => p.Value).Children().Any(p=>p.Contains("quality"));


EDIT: I changed the name of the key to "quality" to clarify the question. I will also use another json file that contains the "date" key instead of "from" and "to". To split the files I want to know if "date" exists or not.


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If the property being checked always belongs to an element in the property value

, you can do it like this:

var isQualityExists = 
            content["value"].Any(v => ((JObject)v).Properties()
                                                  .Any(p => p.Name.Contains("quality"))


Otherwise, you can create a function that recursively checks for the existence of a specific property name across the entire tag JObject




date doesn't exist in json. This is why you are wrong as mentioned in one of the comments. If you want to find the key: "to"

if("to" in json_object) 
//your logic goes here




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