Releasing only a new version of a submodule in maven

Here is my use case: Suppose I have a multi-module maven project in which I only make changes to one of its sub-modules. After the changes have been made, I only want to release a new version of this submodule and not free the whole project.

Is there a way to do this in maven?

What does maven recommend as a best practice in this case?

Is it good to have different versions of submodules?


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First, as you asked. The idea behind creating multiple modules is to have the same version of all modules, which can mean freeing modules that haven't changed. BUT:

If you start to have different versions in child modules, you will lose the idea and support that leads to manual work ....

Also, if you are releasing different versions of the children, you have to take care of the different versions of the children working together correctly, which means you have to test on different combinations of versions, which would dramatically increase your testing effort. if you only use one version of modules, the client can choose one version and can be sure that the components work correctly together ... I assume you have some modulation / integration tests in your build ...



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