Is it possible / desirable to have a "master", "test" and "develop" branch when using git-flow?

I am currently working on a project that we are in the process of switching to Git. We are trying to figure out which workflow to use. We are very interested in git-flow but have a problem.

As I understand git-flow, developers create branches feature

from develop

, as soon as they are executed with a specific branch feature

, the code is merged into develop

. When we want to release for life, develop

then it merges into master

. In our case, it develop

will be what is currently used in our Dev environment , and master

will be what is currently Live . This is good and good.


The point is that we have another environment that we need to deploy to Live , i.e. Test . We want to have a branch test

that will always represent what is currently being used for Test .

This is how we assume it works:

  • Developers work in branches feature

    that are merged into develop

    , which are deployed to Dev .
  • When we are ready to progress to Test , it is develop

    merged into test

    and carried over to Test .
  • After everyone is signed up for the Test , we merge test

    into master

    and take Live .

My questions

  • Is this possible with git-flow, if so how?
  • Should we do this?
  • How else can this be achieved?

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git-flow has the concept of branches release

that you can use for this purpose.

The point is that in git-flow, it develop

doesn't just merge into master

. First you create a branch release

where you prepare for a live version, check it out and fix patches at the last minute before you merge it on master

, that is, push it live.

When a is release

closed, it is merged into again develop

, so you will have all the fixes tested in your main development branch.

Disable support branches for preparing a new release. They allow last-minute point and cross ts. They also allow minor bug fixes and prepare release metadata (version number, build dates, etc.).

- Successful branching model Git



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