(# 322) Topic is not allowed to tag this photo - Facebook PHP SDK v4

I am trying to use a single person tag on my facebook fan page using PHP PHP SDK v4

        $args = array();
        $args['access_token'] = $page_info['access_token'];
        $args['message'] = $data['message'];
        $args['url'] = $data['src_big']['source'];

        $post = (new FacebookRequest($session, 'POST', "/$page_id/photos", $args))->execute()->getGraphObject()->asArray();


Photo published successfully.

But when I try to add a tag

        $tag = (new FacebookRequest($session, 'POST', "/{$post['id']}/tags/{$data['from']['id']}"))->execute()->getGraphObject()->asArray();


it returns

(# 322) Subjects are not allowed to tag this photo

even the array of tags doesn't work.

        $args['tags'] = array( array( 'tag_uid' => $data['from']['id'], 'x' => 0, 'y' => 0 ) );


This return


param must be an array.

I have no idea how to do this. Please help me with this.


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1 answer

You will need publish_action permission to tag the photo.



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