Pass data.table column to function when using .SDcols

I would like to use the syntax DT[, lapply(.SD, func), by=group, .SDcols=cols]

in data.table

, but I would like to pass a column from DT

to func()

. Is there a way to make this work? For example,

indexfunc <- function(col, indexcol, indexvalue)

DT <- data.table(group=c('A','A','B','B'), indexkey=c(1,2,1,2), value=1:4)

# Works
DT[, indexfunc(value, indexkey, 2), by=group]

# Fails, Error in indexfunc(value, indexkey, 2) : object 'indexkey' not found
DT[, lapply(.SD, indexfunc, indexkey, 2), by=group, .SDcols=c("value")]



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I think the strategy here necessarily entails bad programming, but

  indexfunc,indexcol= indexkey,indexvalue= 2
), by=group]


gives a way out

   group value
1:     A  0.50
2:     A  1.00
3:     B  0.75
4:     B  1.00


The OP's approach doesn't work because it .SDcols

limits the set of columns available in j


. I think the function arguments used in lapply

should be named as well.



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