How to propagate arguments if input is an array of arrays in JavaScript

Trying to propagate an array as arguments to a method join

on path

in node but no luck:

var path = require("path");
var paths = [__dirname];
var userInput = ["app", "js"];
var target = path.join.apply(null, paths);


I get:

TypeError: Arguments for path.join must be strings

One possible solution is to simply give the method a string of arguments. I don't even know if this is possible. But just curious if there is a trick in JavaScript in situations like this. Or do I totally disagree with this?


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You are pushing array to array, resulting in

[ __dirname, [ 'app', 'js' ] ]



doesn't know what to do with these nested arrays. apply

does not magically smooth its entrance in any way. The error message from path.join

couldn't be clearer: he wants his arguments to be strings, not arrays. Use instead concat

to concatenate arrays:

var path = require("path");
var paths = [__dirname];
var userInput = ["app", "js"];

// Use concat here
paths = paths.concat(userInput);

var target = path.join.apply(null, paths);


An alternative would be

paths.push.apply(paths, userInput);


which will push elements userInput

on paths

one after the other.

If you are using ES6 you can use the spread operator and write it like:




paths = [...paths, ...userInput]


or just directly

var target = path.join(...paths, ...userInput)




Actually the problem was that I rethought the problem. Instead of concatenating an array of paths with another array, I was pushing the array into an array of paths:

var path = require("path");
var paths = [__dirname];
var userInput = ["app", "js"];
paths.push(userInput); // x


The problem can only be avoided with help paths.concat(userInput)

. Then you can propagate arguments:

path.join.apply(null, paths.concat(userInput));


Thanks @torazaburo for pointing this out.



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