How to detect volume change in YouTube player

I am using the "angualr-youtube-embed" directive to embed the YouTube player into my angular web app. In this, I have to identify the play, pause and volume change events. To listen for play and pause events, I am using the below code.

 $scope.$on('youtube.player.playing', function ($event, player) {
    // to do functions when the video is playing.

  $scope.$on('youtube.player.paused', function ($event, player) {
    // to do functions when the video is paused.


Now my requirement is, I want to do some work on volume change in YouTube player, I need to define this volume change event. But I dont know how to listen to volume change in YouTube player. How can I solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.


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Returns the current volume of the player, an integer from 0 to 100. Note that getVolume () will return the volume even if the player is disabled.

Learn More Learn More: YouTube Player Controls



Just in case anyone has the same question, here is my complete answer.

As of today, the code looks like this:

setInterval(this.getChangedVolume, 250)

getChangedVolume () {
  let currentYoutubeVolume = this.player.getVolume()
  // Do some things, for example (will show Promise):
  // console.log(currentYoutubeVolume)

  // YouTube returns Promise, but we need actual data, so:
  // Promise.resolve(currentYoutubeVolume).then(data => { this.volumeLv = data })




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