How to add an image to cloud9?

I have searched this and searched but I need help. I feel very stupid because I've been using the ideal for a while. It's just not cloudy. So how do I add a local image to my cloud9 html page?


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You can upload your image online and then href

use the online link to use.

Otherwise, if you want your image to be local, you can upload files to the workspace, for example.

Hope this helps :)



you can also use simple save and drag method.

  • save the image in your images folder on your desktop (or wherever ever).
  • open cloud9 project so you can see your file hierarchy
  • click on the image saved on your computer.
  • dragging and dropping into images folder is as of 03/2016.


This works on rails projects on c9, not sure about different environments but worth trying.

curl -O imagelink

mv imagelink app / assets / images /



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