MongoDB text search separators

I am trying to find mongoDB text search on mongoDB server version 2.6.3. When I do a text search with the below query

db.collection.find({"$text" : {"$search" : "a@b"}})  


I am getting as result documents containing a or b, which means I am getting results for

db.collection.find({"$text" : {"$search" : "a b"}}) 


My guess is that the mongo text parser treats the character '@'

as a delimiter and replaces it with a space. Is it possible to specify that the character '@'

should not be treated as a delimiter?


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In phrase matching , as opposed to individual terms, enclose the phrase in escaped double quotes , as in: (\")



So your request will look like this:

db.collection.find({"$text" : {"$search" : "\"a@b\""}})


For example:

    {"x": "a@b"},
    {"x": "a b"},
    {"x": "b"},
    {"x": "a"}

db.collection.createIndex({ x: "text"});


The request db.collection.find({"$text" : {"$search" : "\"a@b\""}})


/* 0 */
    "_id" : ObjectId("5549ddce180e849972939043"),
    "x" : "a@b"




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