Iterating all items inside a QListView using python

What I have QlistView

inside is checkboxes (generated dynamically) with element name ( QstandardItem

). And below QlistView

the checkbox is checked DatacheckercheckBox1

. I want this checkbox to DatacheckercheckBox1

change to Checked, all checkboxes inside QlistView

must be checked. I made a signal for a DatacheckercheckBox1




I have no idea to write a method that should iterate over all the elements inside QlistView

and check the boxes next to it "Checked" if it is not already checked.


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Use a model to iterate over items:

model = self.listView.model()
for index in range(model.rowCount()):
    item = model.item(index)
    if item.isCheckable() and item.checkState() == QtCore.Qt.Unchecked:




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