Template Subscription Behavior with Parameters

I have a question about subscribing to a template. I found that not a bug, but inadequate behavior, consider the following:

Router (iron-router):

this.route('test', {
  path '/test/:_id'


Then subscribing to the template:

Template.test.onCreated(function () {
  this.subscribe('mydata', Router.current().params._id);


Basically a route where the subscription is associated with an identifier given by the route parameter.

Then if I have two links:

<a href="/test/hello">hello</a>
<a href="/test/hi">hello</a>


As / test / hello and / test / hi use the same pattern, onCreated from test is called only once (same for onRendered). This means that the subscription will exist for id: hello, but not for id: hi (since onCreated is called once for hello).

I avoid this issue by moving the subscription along the route using the subs-manager package. However, I am very interested in knowing how to handle such problems in a template (I just prefer the idea the template knows better than the route it needs to follow).

In short, if some people didn't get it: Two pages, same route (with parameter), same template, onCreated / onRendered, called only once, but changing the route parameter, so it must have two subscriptions. But since onCreated / onRendered is only called once (since they use the same template), there is only one subscription. How do I handle this case with a template subscription method?


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You can use reactive computation within your lifecycle onCreated


Template.test.onCreated(function () {
    var currentRouteParamId = Router.current().params._id;
    this.subscribe('mydata', currentRouteParamId);



being the source of reactive information, the internal reactive computation setting this.autorun

will not be repeated whenever the current route is changed using navigation.

Subscriptions made inside a Tracker.autorun

are automatically stopped and re-subscribed (if the parameter is changed).



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