What encoding should I use for my Android Studio project?

I had a problem like this: Android Studio 1.2 - default project encoding mismatch

Android Studio project and gradle encoding are now set to Windows-1252 instead of UTF-8.

Is there some reason why I should be using one over the other?


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Since Gradle and Android Studio both use UTF-8, you should consider this. It is also a good encoding as it is based on the Unicode encoding.

There has also been some talk about whether they should use UTF-8 or not in the future, so you should start migrating to UTF-8 as soon as possible :)

You can change the encoding as follows.

Click File -> Preferences (or press Ctrl + Alt + S) and search for file encodings in Androd Studio. See the image below for reference.

You now have three options

  • change UTF-8 to match different encoding
  • or change the encoding of the project to match UTF-8, as both Gradle and Android Lint use this (recommended)
  • Ignore the warning

enter image description here
(source: shrani.si )

You can also see the current encoding of your file in the bottom right corner of Android studio. You can also change this there. See the image below.

IDE Encoding



Localization into many languages ​​requires Unicode, so use UTF-8.

By the way, it is possible that due to this reasoning, no one has ever tested a development environment with a non-Unicode encoding.



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