Custom endpoint in AWS powershell

I am trying to use AWS Powershell with eucalyptus.

I can do this using AWS CLI with --endpoint-url parameter.

Is it possible to set the endpoint url in powershell AWS? Can I create a custom region with my own endpoint URL in AWS Powershell?


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I do not believe that this is so. This list of common parameters (which can be used with all AWS PowerShell cmdlets) does not include the service URL, instead it prefers a simple string Region

to set the service URL based on a set of known regions.

This AWS.NET Development forum suggests you to set a service URL in the .NET SDK config object if you are interested in a possible alternative in PowerShell. Here's a usage example from this thread:

$config=New-Object Amazon.EC2.AmazonEC2Config
$config.ServiceURL = ""


It looks like you can use it with most of the config objects when setting up the client. Here are some examples that have a ServiceURL property. I would guess this applies to most of all AWS config objects:

Older versions of the documentation (for v1) have noted that this property will be ignored if set RegionEndpoint

. I'm not sure if this is still happening with v2.




Newer versions of AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell (I am running according to Get-AWSPowerShellVersion), has an optional -EndpointUrl parameter for the corresponding commands.


Get-EC2Instance -EndpointUrl https://somehostnamehere


Also, a bug has been fixed .

Good material!



  • Download the default endpoint config file:
  • Customize it. Example:

        "version": 2,
        "endpoints": {
            "*/*": {
                "endpoint": "your_endpoint_here"

  • After importing the AWSPowerShell module, tell the SDK to use the customized endpoint configuration. Example:

    [Amazon.AWSConfigs]::EndpointDefinition = "path to your customized Amazon.endpoints.json here"

Note: There is a bug in the underlying SDK that causes the endpoints that have the path component to be signed correctly. The bug affects this solution and @HyperAnthony's solution is suggested.

Additional Information

Reading through the .NET SDK docs I came across a section that showed that the global can set the region rules given by the file: other.html # config-setting-awsendpointdefinition

Unfortunately, I couldn't find anywhere that documented the format of such a file.

Then I ran the AWSSDK.Core.dll code and found where the SDK is loading the file (see LoadEndpointDefinitions () at .cs ).

Reading the code, if the file is not explicitly listed in AWSConfigs.EndpointDefinition, it ultimately downloads the file from the embedded resource (i.e. /Core/endpoints.json )



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