Omit package names in Scala compilation errors

Our package names are quite long, and when you include the fact that there can be multiple type parameters in the types specified in the type mismatch error, some of the compilation errors I get from scalac can be quite long and it's annoying to mentally skip package names in error messages.

Ideally, I would like all IDs to appear just as they are in the corresponding source file (i.e. qualified if they were qualified, just plain names if they are not), but I understand that this is probably is too hard to achieve, so I would only settle for the option to hide package names.

I am using ENSIME so it would be nice to hide / show package names in compilation errors in ENSIME.


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You need package names to avoid nonsense like

error: type mismatch
found   : Iterable[Int]
expected: Iterable[Int]


Alternatively, it looks like it might be handy. I think the patch will have a good opportunity to accept it.



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