Flask Route Lists

I have a flash app with a tree below:

  - modules/
    - common/
    - citrixlb/
        __init__.py # blueprint code
        citrixlb.py # module class
    - aws/
        __init__.py # blueprint code
        aws.py      # module class


So, I would like to know if there is a way to dynamically list all routes for all blueprints?

I have this in my root/__init__.py


# import our modules
from modules.citrixlb import *
from modules.aws import *



If I can dynamically list all routes for all drawings, I can generate links automatically.


DropDown: AWS

  • /aws

  • /aws/ec2

  • /aws/subnets


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This snippet can be modified to represent the data you want. - Esdes



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