How do I set up a Wallet to Wallet account for in-app purchases outside of the US?

I live in Barbados and I want to set up an In-App purchase, but I need a Google Wallet Merchant account, unfortunately Barbados is not supported by the country to set up a merchant account, see link android-developer / table / 3539140? hl = en

If I live outside the US, how do I set up a Google Wallet seller account?

I tried Payoneer, but a Google rep told me that I cannot use Payoneer because Google uses ACH payments when Payoneer uses ACH Credit payments.

I need / need to implement In-App Purchase in my Android app, what do I need to do?

Are there any payment solutions like PayPal and Payoneer that will allow me to set up a Google Merchant Wallet account?

If there is someone outside of the US and the country is not on the support list who successfully set up an In-App purchase, can you share what steps you took?


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