Using YouTube V3 API to get video for channelId not working

I am trying to find a video using a query string for a given channel id.

When I search with only the query string (Q), it returns 11 items.


However, when I add the channel ID, it returns 0 items (no errors I see):


ChannelId I'm using matches with what it returns as from the first request, so I don't consider it to be a wrong channel id.

I am experiencing this both through the .NET client library and on the YouTube doco page which includes a test bed -

Thanks for the help:)


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I just ran the following two queries, both returned 11 total results from the Data API v3 search.list explorer :

Without channel ID: GET{YOUR_API_KEY}

With channel ID: GET{YOUR_API_KEY}

I'm not sure what the problem was when you wrote this, but it's now fixed.



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