Distribute multiple versions of an application

Using Crashlytics Beta, is there a way to deploy multiple versions of my app to a phone? This would be helpful, so we can have one version for our "stable" branch and one for our "dev" branch.


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The only way to use multiple versions of an app at the same time on the same device is to have a different bundle ID.

As com.site.myapp

for the stable version and the com.site.myapp.dev

test version. When you go stable, you update the package ID.

Not very convenient but didn't find any other solution.



It looks like it's possible. Crashlytics team:

If you are using the same package ID then create a new organization in Crashlytics and change the API key and create a secret depending on the version you are building. We group apps based on API key, platform and bundle id, so having different API keys will do the trick :)

I have not tried this yet, so I cannot confirm that it works.



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