What firewall ports do I need to open to allow Sinch and WebRTC to work?

Sinch works just fine over the internet and various NAT networks. But I just tried a device behind an enterprise firewall and suddenly we can't call.

More specifically, devices can call each other, but the moment onCallEstablished is called (audio streams are connected), the calls are dropped. No sound is heard from the far end. This definitely only happens on this particular network.

I'm guessing this is a firewall issue, but don't know what ports do we need to open on this firewall to allow voice calls?

Edit: When this issue occurred, I was getting errors in the Chrome console, for example Warning, no proxy configured (1) RTCPeerConnection

and Warning, no proxy configured (2) RTCPeerConnection

hopefully this helps.


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  • You need to have DNS (usually not a problem)
  • You should be able to use http / https for our API (usually not a problem either).
  • You need to send media (RTP ie UDP) to the other side. This can sometimes be problematic, especially if you are behind an enterprise firewall. For example, we are using STUN (port 3478), so that should be open as well. If we are not able to use p2p connection for the media, we will try to pass that through the media proxy, and on the media proxy you can get a port between 10000 - 50,000 that will be used for this relay, so I'm afraid what you need to resolve these ports for outgoing traffic.



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