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I think I understand the concept of a command in Laravel because it is a good place to add reusable code that can be called from controllers and the like, but I have a request:

Is it possible to return the value back to the calling method from the command? For example, I have a controller method that creates a user in Active Directory that has a command to do this. If the AD server is not available, I want to return the response back to the calling controller method. Is it possible?

It only shows in the documentation how to invoke a command using dispatch()

, but has nothing to say about whether it can return anything.

And if you can't return a value, can someone explain the reasons why you don't want to return a value? I know that the commands in the queue can take a while and won't wait for a response, but for commands that need to be executed immediately, I don't understand why you wouldn't want to return a value.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.


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In the context of a command bus, yes, you can return values ​​for out-of-order commands. In the command handler method, just return what you want:

public function handle(){
    return 'foobar';


And save the result of the send command to a variable:

 $my_command_result = $this->dispatch(
    new MyCommand();




Commands are not meant to store reusable code in controllers. Theyre being renamed to jobs in 5.1 and their main purpose is to work in Cron Jobs. If you have a way to create a user and want to use it in many places, you can store it in the user model.



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