Selector injection in InQueue

My current setup consists of one queue, InQueue, called "QONE". QONE then has 6 more queues to which it sends messages. Each of these subsequent queues has a selector that accepts messages based on a regular expression.

There is a situation where I want to completely ignore the message. Meaning, when QONE receives a message that matches a particular pattern, do not post the message to any other queue. Instead, we want to ignore the message.

Is it possible to put a selector in QONE that will serve to filter out unwanted messages? For example, if a spam is sent to QONE, it will know that it will not be sent to any subsequent queues based on the selector pattern.

I want not to add subsequent queues to the selectors, although I know this is an option. I would prefer to delete the message in the root directory rather than the queue. Thank.


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The most efficient way to do this would be to provide an application on QONE that forwards messages to the other six queues, reads all messages and looks at each message, either forwards it, or does something that should happen to those messages that you want to ignore (plan to whether you just discard them or place them in a side queue to the side?). If the QONE application correctly forwards only the messages it needs, no selectors are required in subsequent queues.



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