Symfony2 - rendering a subclass attribute of an object that is referenced as an instance of the superclass

Here's a problem I've been running into all day ...

I have a superclass named Message


class Message

protected $id;

protected $body;

protected $sender;

protected $receiver;

// [...]


from which my class inherits Bill


class Bill extends Message
protected $id;

protected $amount;


And I wanted to create a dialog class that collects multiple messages (like invoices):

class Dialogue
protected $id;

protected $subject;

protected $messages = array();


And here is the relevant mapping (YAML, Mongodb):

repositoryClass: Bundle\Repository\DialogueRepository
        id:  true
        type: string
        targetDocument: Message
        cascade: [remove]


The problem is, when I try to display some Bill specific attributes (for example in Twig :) dialogue[0].messages.amount

I get this error:

The sum method does not exist for the MongoDBODMProxies__CG __ \ Bundle \ Document \ Message object.

I think I figured out that my bill counts as a Message and not a Bill ... Also, I don't think it is possible in PHP to typecast to make sure it counts dialogue.message[0]

as a bill ... What can I do to access these specific attributes?

Reference: (

PS: I may have a hint: this error occurs when I load the dialog objects from the corresponding repository. However, if I create a new dialog and a new bill in the controller and pass them directly, everything works correctly.

So I tried $ get_class ($ bill) before and after saving the Bill object and this is what I got:

  • before saving: Bundle \ Document \ Bill
  • after saving + loading from repo: MongoDBODMProxies__CG __ \ Bundle \ Document \ Message

My problem might come from here, right?


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2 answers

This is a design problem. Dialogue

contains a collection Messages

that has nothing to do with the subclass or not.

Either you provide all types Message

with a generic Interface

one that has all the properties available, or you explicitly provide your object with a Dialogue

separate relation for each type Message

you want to assign it, for example:

        targetDocument: Message
        cascade: [remove]
        targetDocument: Bill
        cascade: [remove]







Since the messages are an array, but you are trying to access it as an object, or

{% for message in dialogue[0].messages %}
    {{ message.amount }}
{% endfor %}




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