Matplotlib using PyCharm on Windows won't plot plots, no error

I launched

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
plt.plot(range(0, 10, 1)) #or "plt.plot(range(10))"


and does nothing (except that "Process ended with exit code 0"). I am using PyCharm, on Windows 7, I have installed matplotlib via PyCharm package manager. I installed python 2.7 and PyCharm today (I have been practicing it for a month at, but I wanted to get used to the real world), so I am noob, and it may happen that the problem is trivial.

I have tried various codes on without any results.


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Okay, I guess I made the dumbest mistake. I had multiple tabs open and I keep running the first one, not the one I should have. Should I delete the question? I am so confused.



You can try uninstalling python and installing it again.

Or check this link, it is similar to your question: matplotlib plot window will not appear



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