HTML 5 File System How to Increase Persistent Storage

Following this tutorial:

When I do

navigator.webkitPersistentStorage.requestQuota(Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER, console.log.bind(console));


I get output 10737418240 bytes (10.73GB)

, which is the calculated maximum size when using temporary storage:

(available storage space + storage used by apps) * .5

However, I clicked OK to allocate more storage than this. So why don't I get the storage I need?

An app can have a larger persistent storage quota than temporary storage, but you must request storage using the Management API quota and the user must grant you permission to use more space.


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I have the same issue posted here Cannot allocate more than 10 GB of persistent HTML5 storage Conclusion: The maximum persistent storage quota is 10 GB and the documentation stating that it is limited by the user's free disk space is incorrect.



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