Spring Integration message channel hangs even if timeout exceeds

My integration context looks like this:

<int:channel id="fileInboundChannelAdapter"/>
<int-file:inbound-channel-adapter directory="${directory}" channel="fileInboundChannelAdapter" auto-startup="false" >
    <int:poller fixed-rate="5000" max-messages-per-poll="1" />


And I start this channel manually after some condition is met:

@Resource(name = "fileInboundChannelAdapter")
private MessageChannel messageChannel;


Inside some method

Message<File> fileMessage = MessageBuilder.withPayload(fileObject).build();
boolean success = messageChannel.send(fileMessage, 1000 * 60);


On this line, messageChannel.send is not responding even after timeout and no other request is being served and needs to restart the server.


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You have to share subscriber

for this fileInboundChannelAdapter

. With this in mind, we will try to understand what is going on. And take a look at the logs to get a sense of the problem from your side.


param ( 1000 * 60

in your case) doesn't matter for DirectChannel


protected boolean doSend(Message<?> message, long timeout) {
    try {
        return this.getRequiredDispatcher().dispatch(message);
    catch (MessageDispatchingException e) {
        String description = e.getMessage() + " for channel '" + this.getFullChannelName() + "'.";
        throw new MessageDeliveryException(message, description, e);


So it looks like yours subscriber

is blocking the calling thread somehow ... You need to see its code.



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